Preparation Based on Good Information is Key to

Survive and Thrive in a Crisis

Here Is a Comprehensive Book That Is Helping Older Adults Prevent COVID-19:

A Guide With COVID-19 Facts, Risks and Prevention Strategies.

In this book we will share with you all the facts, risks and prevention strategies to avoid and slow COVID-19 infection, sourced from the global leaders in epidemiology and virology. Protect yourselves and loved ones from COVID-19. In fact, with this book thousands of families have taken protective measures already.

This pandemic will irrevocably change our society in ways we haven't yet thought about, and our attention first needs to be on flattening the infection curve so medical resources will be available for those who need it, especially our most vulnerable loved ones; our older adults.


We wrote this book to SAVE LIVES.


One day, almost by accident, I (Angela) discovered a number of e-books on the Internet which were full of misinformation about COVID-19. I was terrified for anyone who read these books and followed the author’s uninformed and misleading advice. 


I almost couldn't believe it.


At that point I realized while I was researching how to keep my own family and finances safe, I needed to had to share what I'd learned with families and loved ones around me by writing a book that I could widely share. I had to develop a book that collected all the resources and knowledge on COVID-19 and deliver a simple, yet truthful how-to guide.


In fact, I understood that as a sociologist I was doing a disservice by not sharing what I learned...


The result?


People from around the world I've never even met started contacting me wanting to buy my book so that they could know what I know. 


Misinformation pisses me off!  


Look, here's the cold, hard truth you won't hear on the nightly news:


In the Internet age…


If we listen to the amount of misinformation on the web regarding COVID-19, we may die and/or we may go bankrupt.


Here's why I'm thinking long-term.


If we follow the old "dogma" of waiting for the government to take care of you, then we're almost guaranteed to lose some (maybe ALL) of our money and possibly our health to competing countries who have better health care and infrastructure, who are proactively fighting the virus and can take better care of their citizens.


This means we’ll be forced to watch your savings dwindle away and your health in jeopardy while others survive and thrive.


In today's crazy online world, the spread of misinformation is rampant. People are creating DIY recipes for homemade hand sanitizer which could be ineffective or worse burn your skin. (In our book we provide the DIY hand sanitizer recipe used by hospitals and endorsed by world leaders). 


So what can you do to be a proactive planner in the COVID-19 crisis?


It's actually pretty easy:


Simply Buy This Book for the Nominal Price of $7 CAD ($5 USD) to ensure you and your family are well informed now and going forward.


Here's how to order:


To order by Paypal or by credit card on our 100% secure server, simply click this button.

Don't wait. Your time to protect and prevent infection for yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19 is now.


Here's how it works:

Our book is based on the Facts, Risks and Prevention Strategies for COVID-19.


We have years of experience researching and writing for academics, government and members of the public. 


We are trained in critical thinking and positive skepticism.  It enables us to filter out the garbage and lies and dig for the truth.


We have compiled literature and research from the global leaders dealing with this crisis.   


We have identified the most current and best practices to avoid and slow the infection rate of COVID-19 in our communities.


We have disseminated all of this information into a simple and easy to read format.

Now I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why would you practically give away all your work?”


That’s a great question and the answer is because we love to help, and we have a vision. You see, 


  • We're on a mission to help 10,000 more people learn how to prepare themselves and their family in 2020.

  • We want to spread accurate, factual information to help save lives.

  • We feel that given we have the skills, access and knowledge to create a book for preventing or slowing down infection from COVID-19, we want to share our work with as many people as possible.


So here’s 4 more darn good reasons to act now:


  1. You will save lives knowing the information in this book.

  2. You will get unlimited free updates to the e-book.

  3. You join the Disaster Planner family and receive weekly updates.

  4. For the price of a cheeseburger, you get your hands on excellent information, tips and insights.


Basically, you have nothing to lose by saying yes!


Now I want to give you fair warning...

If you don’t learn more and take action today for your health and safety, how will your life be different 2 months from now?


The world is changing fast; we're seeing decades of change in a few short weeks. Everything will be different socially, financially and emotionally. Remember, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result." Well the world has already changed and now we need to do things differently.

We created this book to help you prepare. Today, instead of ordering a hamburger, buy this e-book instead!

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