Manage Your Finances While the World Economy Slows

Businesses across Canada and the U.S. have responded to the COVID-19 crisis by cutting back, changing or suspending operations and/or finding ways to allow employees to work from home.

Don't miss your opportunity to plan

What can you do?

Major banks have urged citizens or business owners facing hardship to contact their bank directly to discuss options that may be available. Several banks are now allowing customers to defer mortgage payments for up to six months.

Bill payments: Utility, cellular and internet companies are also offering reduced or deferred payments. Several cell phone and internet services are offering unlimited calling internationally with no data caps.

Cancel travel plans: Travellers with non-refundable airplane tickets or accommodations, may be able to get a portion or the entirety of their money back. Given the global situation, corporations and independent business owners have been amenable to providing refunds.

Shop local: We encourage you to continue to shop local while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines by limiting close contact and washing or sanitizing your hands after touching communal surfaces. Local business owners are hurting right now and to avoid an economic collapse we need to continue to stimulate the economy.

Buy Smart. Buy Safely

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