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When Angela and I (Mathieu) started to research the pandemic that is sweeping around the world, we started to see a LOT of misinformation, fear, blaming and especially denial.

Being researchers and writers, we dug in and started to educate ourselves about what was to come. We closely followed clear thinkers, scientists and immunologists and of course, the World Health Organization.

In the first week of February, the numbers and the lack of testing then available informed us of what is coming, and we started making our plans right away.

We bought a reasonable amount of supplies... OK, we realized we didn't NEED toilet paper, but we thought we might as well grab some as we'd need it anyways. Now we're glad we did. Nieghbours are offering $10 a roll.

(That's a joke for you literally minded types).

More importantly, we brought my Mom home to live with us, and started talking to our children about what social distancing for the next three to six months was actually going to mean.

We started to plan our days and I started to call my customers to build plans for what was coming.

We're not prescient. We're researchers.

Since we were collecting information anyways, we decided we might as well build a book and share it as far and wide as possible. It got to be a little longer than we intended, but it is three weeks of hard work and full of good information.

Here are our Table of Contents.

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Remember, informed action is the best preparation.

We wish you and your family good health!

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