Our Online Book:

With COVID-19 becoming ever more prevalent in our world today, our family, just as yours, is looking for the very best ways to be prepared and to proactively avoid infection.

That’s why we wrote and crafted an online book which contains the known facts and best preventive measures for parents, their children, and the people who are the most vulnerable members of our society; the aged and infirm.

“Institutional ethnography (IE) examines the differential effects of institutions, defined as distinctive functions such as health care and education managed by ruling relations such as government. IE explores and explicates the social relations and material inequalities. Understanding that the methodology of IE, focuses on people’s everyday lives and how their lives are organized and coordination by institutional forces. Given our current state of unknown with COVID-19, understanding how our complex social relations are embedded in institutions such as government is paramount. Adopting a calm, practical, but astute national response to mitigating COVID-19 is critical.” Angela Provost

Angela Provost
Mathieu Powell

Angela Provost is a sociologist, with a speciality in gerontological institutional ethnographies.


Angela has engaged in health research and public policy for over 20 years. Her careers in academia, public institutions and private organizations have provided her with a breadth of knowledge and capacity to develop this informational and factual book on COVID-19.

Mathieu Powell is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA), professional writer, designer and marketer. He is the owner of publishing and media relations company Coastline Marketing Inc., and Chair of the Elder Friendly Community Network (EFCN) in Victoria BC.


Mathieu has been working with and around older adults and organizations that serve them for over two decades. His passion to help community elders led him to co-author and market this book to raise awareness, share good information and mitigate the risks to the vulnerable sector of our society.