Make Plans - Manage Crisis

Protect Your Finances
Combating Social Isolation and Loneliness
COVID-19 E-Book

Financial Impacts


At every point in history, upheaval can lead to opportunities. There ARE trends, ideas and information we can all use to better our own and our family's financial outlook.

Be proactive. Take action on what is known now to take control of what you can control. 

It's just prudent to have a plan B. 

Social Distancing, NOT Social Isolation

Many of the older adults in our lives are feeling lonely and scared.


Do your best to stay in touch and positive. We don't mean ignore the reality of the difficult times ahead, but rather, listen to their concerns and reassure them. The world is not coming to an end, and life will go on.

With COVID-19 shaping today's world, our family, just as yours, is looking for the best ways to prepare and to proactively avoid infection.

That’s why we wrote and crafted an online book which contains the known facts and best preventive measures for parents, their children, and the people who are the most vulnerable members of our society; the aged and informed.